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    And apparently, that sentiment trickled right down to a single password to stop Cole from achieving happiness.

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    She got a mild sense of satisfaction in watching the other woman blush in shame. Get her far away from the cookstove, Esther agreed, waving them over.
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    When one of the girls spared a glance toward Charlotte, he followed her gaze, his brow raised as though something the lady had said interested him.
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    You have the most beautiful eye color I ve ever seen.

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  • Julian says he approached your girl in the library earlier that day. He stopped and looked out into the darkness of the night and froze.

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  • Tanya felt ashamed of herself after seeing Elsa s obvious humiliation, but it was quickly forgotten when Linda spoke. She picked up her tote bag and flung it over her shoulder.

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    Elsa had more x-rays done and they came back good.

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  • Esther and Miriam came running out of the house just as Ted reached the wagon. Tanya stepped in, Don t mind her Doctor, she s just very concerned for Elsa.
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    Valear was adamant when he told Lucas that he was the true Prince of the immortals.
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  • She reached for the bedside light but found it didn t work. Her golden hair was pulled back in a bun, but stray strands fell over her shoulders in winding curls.

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    Her beautiful features remained unchanged with the exception of the long canine teeth that clearly showed themselves when she talked causing her to lisp a little, I can t Linda. When she changed back into Linda s clothes and came out of the dressing room he was already at the counter paying for her new wardrobe.

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